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Art gallery in lobby

Art Gallery

At The Study at University City, guests are invited to tour our art gallery, an intimate, relaxed space offering a unique opportunity for the University City community to exhibit their work on a rotating basis, fostering their artistic talent and giving them an opportuity to showcase their work to a broader audience.  

Natalie Dohrmann

Adjunct Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

Natalie Dohrmann specialization is rabbinic Judaism, with a special interest in ancient Jewish law and its Greco-Roman context. She joined the adjunct faculty at Penn as a member of the Department of Religious Studies. Dohrmann had been an Assistant Professor of Judaism at North Carolina State University, and is currently Associate Director of the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, as well as the Coeditor of the Jewish Quarterly Review.  Her exhibit is a meditation on the paradoxical oscillation of death.