Art gallery in lobby

Art Gallery

At The Study at University City, guests are invited to tour our art gallery, an intimate, relaxed space offering a unique opportunity for the University City community to exhibit their work on a rotating basis, fostering their artistic talent and giving them an opportuity to showcase their work to a broader audience.  


Pennsylvania-born Photographer

J. Adam Russell was born in Southwestern Pennsylvania, but has been a Philadelphian for more than a decade.  His images in this collection reflect capturing, being "in the moment."  J. Adam holds an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon University and creates newsletters and updates websites for the University of Pennsylvania.


Local Photographer

As a photographer, Philadelphia native Barry Bush attempts to capture images of objects that are overlooked, preferring textures, shadows, rust, decay, and the things that are neglected. With a series of "No" signs he started collecting in May 2017, Barry's work poses the question: When shown together as a collection, does the word start to change its meaning?


Exhibition Specialist, Artist, & Educator

Inspired by his experiences as an educator and fabricator, Nick Primo's studio practice embodies a preoccupation with how and where form is imbued with meaning. Primo chooses forms and materials that reflect current industry standards through their prefabricated appearance, color intensity, and accessibility to average consumers. As a result they convey the inherent meaning of the mental objects they represent in a contemporary context.

Maria Stabio

First Generation Filipino American Artist

Maria Stabio's recent work moves beyond the brush to luminous, multilayer narratives crafted out of shape and pigment. Inspired by a series of recent trips to visit family in the Philippines, these pieces are a dreamlike web of the familiar and the unfamiliar, which speak to the disjointed experienceof finding personal identity and heritage in a place that is also foreign.


Andrea Walls

Study Hotels' Inagural Writer-in-Residence

Poet, photographer, and urban activist Andrea “Philly” Walls shares her collection, “When Language Isn’t ‘Enuf’: Engaging Visual Culture as a Tool for Transformation.” She finds beauty, complexity, depth and contradiction in every sight and sound, taking solace in the creative process, making art across genres as an act of resistance.

Natalie Dohrmann

Adjunct Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

Natalie Dohrmann specialization is rabbinic Judaism, with a special interest in ancient Jewish law and its Greco-Roman context. She joined the adjunct faculty at Penn as a member of the Department of Religious Studies. Dohrmann had been an Assistant Professor of Judaism at North Carolina State University, and is currently Associate Director of the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, as well as the Coeditor of the Jewish Quarterly Review.  Her exhibit is a meditation on the paradoxical oscillation of death.

Dr. Eric A. Zillmer

Carl R. Pacifico Professor of Neuropsychology and the Director of Athletics at Drexel University

Dr. Eric A. Zillmer's curated exhibition, posing the question “what might this be,” explores the connection between art and science in Rorschach Inkblots. The collection features inkblots by Herman Rorschach, as well as America psychologist Dr. Molly Harrower, one of the first female clinical psychologists who specialized in the Rorschach method as a diagnostic tool.