The Study at University City is an architectural beauty where brilliant minds meet (and sleep)

Embedded between the campuses of the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, and in the epicenter of a thriving science, technology, and innovation hub, The Study at University City is a destination for business travelers, culture seekers, and academics alike.

City views and a bed you’ll dream about

Whether you select a standard room, signature study, or expansive multi-room suite, one of our 212 guestrooms will be the perfect fit for your stay.

A venue in the heart of it all

Host your next workshop, conference, or social event in a space that inspires. The Study at University City boasts over 7,000 square feet of possibility.

Good taste in every sense

Revel in a delicious experience at CO-OP Restaurant & Bar or order directly to your room.

Set tables in restaurant
Art gallery in lobby